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Birmingham Escorts - Love & Life

We met up with a few Birmingham Escorts to ask them how they find their profession when it comes to relationships and love and we were surprised to hear their answers.

Being an escort in Birmingham certainly has its perks according to the delicious Monica. Monica has been an escort in Birmingham for just over two years now and here is what she has to say: ‘when I started my career as a hot Birmingham Escort I was already in a good relationship and my partner at the time seemed happy for me to work in the industry, It wasn’t until I had been a Birmingham Escort for a few months that he started to change his mind. This was a surprise for both of us as he had said he really didn’t mind, to begin with. That soon changed and we are no longer together but it wasn't all bad. I actually made a good relationship with one of my most loyal clients and we are now dating. What's even better is that he doesn’t mind that I am working as a Birmingham Escort, he actually loves the idea’ So you see it is not all bad, you just need to find the right person like Monica did!

Another stunning Birmingham escort we spoke to named Ava had a lot to say about being an escort in Birmingham. ‘Being an escort in Birmingham is the best job I have ever had, I used to work the boring nine to five in an office, I never had enough money left over to treat myself at the end of the month when payday came around and was miserable. As soon as I signed up with the best Birmingham Escort Agency - Passion VIP Escorts Agency - I knew I had made the right decision. I could pick my own hours, my own days to work and even my own areas. I made more in the first week being a Birmingham escort that I had in 3 weeks sitting behind a desk, this made up my mind I had made the right choice by moving my career to be Birmingham escort and I haven’t looked back since’!

So as you can see, being a Birmingham escort has benefits for those who choose to take the pathway, Admittedly it’s not the ideal career move for everyone but those Birmingham escorts we have spoken to have never been happier and would recommend it to anyone who has entertained the thought in the past - give it a go and see if becoming a hot Birmingham Escort is the right move for you!


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