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Where Are The Best Lovers In Europe?

best lovers blog have done a little bit of investigating to find out which nationality women deem are the best lovers in Europe. And guess what? The women voted overwhelmingly for French men!

The site polled over 10,000 female members and the women were asked to vote on particular areas, such as sense of humour, stamina and how romantic each country was. French men got Gold, with the Spanish coming in second place. Sadly, Brits tied for fifth place along with Germans and Danes.

Now, our lovely Birmingham Escorts meet guys from all over the world, so we thought we'd ask them what they thought. Of those that had some experience of French men, they did seem to think that they were romantic seducers. However, our girls overwhelmingly back the Brits for being adventurous, if not always the most romantic!

A spokesperson for the company told us: "The French apparently do not rest on their laurels and continue to perfect their art as savvy seducers, so as to once again take the title of best European lovers."

So here's your challenge guys. Let's see if we can't improve on that score by next year!


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